Welcome to Mr. Curran's Page

Guide to our classroom


Always feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns. I can be reached by email at jcurran@slrsd.org. If you would like to talk on phone or meet please suggest a time and a phone number. The phone in my room only allows in calls so a quick email with a suggested time often reduces phone tag.

Homework Policy -

Students copy homework in their agendas and then I sign them at the end of the day. I may provide some support, but it is the student's responsibility to make sure they have all the materials they need.

I try to give students about 45 minutes to an hour of homework each night- Monday through Thursday. If your student is struggling completing homework in this amount of time then please send in a note.

Missed homework/assignment-

On the slim chance that your student does not submit an assignment they will fill out a form to describe what they could have done differently to prevent them from missing the assignment. This form is then signed by the caregiver and returned to school.

Allergy Information -

We are not an allergy classroom.